Integrating sustainability within our business

Nowadays, a strong and structured CSR approach means good and sustainable business for customers, employees, shareholders and its ecosystem. Being part of the Worldline group, equensWorldline is fully committed to Worldline’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach. We create sustainable solutions and are committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. This is achieved in a context of high safety, controlled security and permanent platform availability. Client satisfaction, innovation, confidentiality and data privacy are paramount.

TRUST 2020: Trust at the heart of everything we do

In 2016, Worldline reinforced its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its TRUST 2020 program. This ambitious program is supported by quantified objectives to be achieved by 2020 and aims to develop trust relationships with stakeholders. Through the TRUST 2020 CSR program, Worldline and equensWorldline are definitely determined to make CSR a key differentiator externally on the markets where it operates, a catalyst for transformation internally and a cornerstone for building and developing relationships based on trust.

Our CSR ambitions and objectives

We have defined our CSR ambitions for 2020 in four priority CSR challenges, built around four main strategic axes: Business, People, Value chain and Environment.

Based on our ambitions, we have defined CSR objectives and we are determined to do everything we can in order to achieve them by 2020. The overview below shows our CSR ambitions as well as our specific and measureable 2020 CSR commitments.

Our CSR ambitions:
•	Building clients’ trust with fully available & secured platforms
•	Reinforcing value for clients through sustainable & innovative solutions

Our CSR commitments:
•	Ensuring services availability and a 100% response time in line with the commitments undertaken in the Service Level Agreement
•	100% of incident response in compliance with Worldline's security policies
•	Increasing client satisfaction to 8/10 and generating €250 million in turnover through sustainable solutions
Our CSR ambitions:
•	Being a responsible employer by revealing our employees’ potential

Our CSR commitments:
•	Increasing overall employee satisfaction by 10% and their satisfaction regarding the quality of the trainings offered
•	Promoting gender equity within the company by increasing the number of women in managerial positions
Our CSR ambitions:
•	Endorsing our business ethic within our value chain

Our CSR commitments:
•	Improving performance of the responsible supply chain by obtaining the EcoVadis “Gold” Label and monitor suppliers’ performance improvement
Our CSR ambitions:
•	Leveraging the eco-efficiency of our data centers and offices

Our CSR commitments:
•	Being carbon neutral by compensating all CO2 emissions linked to Worldline’s activities and terminals.
Learn more about market opportunities serving sustainability, our CSR achievements, challenges and commitments.
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"TRUST 2020 is a key differentiator in the market and a crucial means for Worldline to build and develop trusting relationships with its key stakeholders."

Sebastien Mandron, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
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